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International students in six fields of study in Quebec French-language colleges and universities outside of Greater Montreal are to get a huge break on tuition fees by paying the same amount as Quebeckers.

That’s a difference of roughly $21,000 per year in tuition per student, with the average tuition paid by Quebec international students with a study permit plummeting from $24,000 to $3,000 per school year.

The program will start in September 2023 and will not be applied retroactively.

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Sweden Job Shortage Lists

Job shortage list in Sweden 2022

In Sweden there are many occupations that are in high demand. The Migration Agency has issued a jobs shortage list with a list of all occupations that are currently in high demand with a short supply of workers.

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Start Slow, Maintain a Retherm, Work Continuously, Only Think About the Goal

If you are a student or a professional worker, and searching for a scholarship or migration plan, work visa you may have thousand of question on your mind. But First you try to select only one goal and list down the objectives, achieve objectives one by one and in the end you will reach to your target. Think Positively and never give up. Just think about the target. (7 Aug 2022 – Admin)


If you are a student, you should have a better target to find your future dream employment options. The best option we can give was select the field that your natural habit or intension was pointing. For Example if you really love music, you will never getting tired by doing music, singing songs, playing guitar, playing keyboard, than don’t hesitate to select that is as of your Future income method. Even if you work for a company or you do your own business, that is the best advice we can give. (6 Aug 2022 – Admin)


Some people thinks the education is just a time bound and students only live until age of 25. Just Not that. Even if you are over 30 years of age, over 40 years of age, just try to learn something new. Better to try learning different language, history, philosophy, what ever something that makes your life much entertaining. But for do that you need to have a financial freedom. So now just now start to find a scholarship, migrate to a different country for higher salary, plan for something for long term. (8 Aug 2022 – Admin)

Just Listen to your own voice.

If you search on world famous billionaires, mostly their life story is all about their own thinking pattern. The pattern that they have build up for only their self. I am really like to read their life stories and how they take crucial decisions to change their life state. Some of them left the job, some of them left the university with out degree, some of them started companies and failed several times its variable and mixed but still in the same pattern. If you searching for a different life than in your current state, just follow your interest. Definitely it will get you better results. If you searching for scholarship, migration plan, just make your own pattern as of your needs and make it happen. (18 Aug 2022)


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