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Scholarships Hand warmly welcomes you. If you are reading this, that means you have an initial interest in our effort on the blog section. That is obvious to me as this is only one of the many of my major projects designed to share my experience also do some better things to this world with my research and knowledge.

In the end of 2019, the COVID19 pandemic has crushed the world. Minor economic countries are straggled to stay strong in economically and socially. While most of the developed countries managed their positions even improve in some countries point of view.

Their was a trend began after, to search of foreign employment, foreign scholarships, foreign education, and even for higher education, Masters Degrees, PhD. But I see some of the students even professionals struggles in finding the best path for them. Its really complex when it comes in a sudden with out and proper study.

Questions you may have;

What study program you may have?
What Universities are available for scholarships?
Which university is the best for appropriate education program?
Different lifestyles in different countries?
Language Issues?
Which is the best suitable language skill required? if it is IELTS, TOFFEL, etc?
How to apply for international jobs?
What will be the international job salary scale?

And many more thousand questions you may have.

So We decided to make a web site that to cover all of your needs to migrate, study abroad, internatiional scholarships programs, international scholarships openning dates and closing dates, and many more.
This is a ambitious effort that starts with the support of several interested people that have same interest. In future we are planning to add many more interesting, useful, and valuable content articles, sites and links, job postings and many more.

So Stay With Us.
And Wish You All The Best.